I’m a problem solver and brand identity builder for mostly women in their business, lives, and communities. We create solutions for these woman by using a fictitious character, Kathleen Matthews (think big sister meets alter ego.) We use KM as a personification of what we all want - to be the best version of ourselves in our businesses, careers, lives and communities.

While many agencies offer design work, marketing consulting and related products, which we of course do as well, we do so by always first asking the question, “What would Kathleen Matthews do?”

Well, KM would take this process on as a fully consultative approach (discussed of course over happy hour drinks!) We manage and configure a woman’s personal brand presence, develop brand identify design and marketing initiatives for their businesses, and catalogue these narratives alongside our blog, in addition to other content. The products we sell are influenced by these woman and a percentage always goes to a charity of that woman’s choice. 

Hi! I'm Laura. Kathleen Matthews is my fearless, fashionable alter ego.

3 years old

My mom would give me M&Ms to play with. I never ate them, just put them in rainbow order. 

6 years old

Had my first art class ever. Fell in love with the teacher, Monet, and the scented rainbow markers.

10 years old

Made "parchment" in the oven with tea leaves to make a Harry Potter letter. McGonagall's signature was my first attempt at calligraphy.

16 years old

Traded in color for theater in high school because I couldn't "draw." Loved every second. Made doodles of my costumes and hand wrote my lines to memorize. 

long story short

19 years old

Started my first business in college - a hair bow accessory line. Was referred to as "The Bow Girl," and had more glue gun burns than ever imaginable. 

see resume

22 years old

Graduated from Penn State with a degree in broadcast journalism. Figured if I didn't have a specific dream, I could at least communicate well. Started my first marketing job.

25 years old

Retired the bow biz and transformed it into a custom illustration side hustle. Realized that even without fine art skills, a creative career might be possible. Started devouring online tutorials. 

27 years old

Shifted from a sales and marketing position to a traditional administrative 9-5. Allowed me to create KM and spend nights/weekends with the Adobe Creative Suite. Loved every minute. Sights set on eventually freelancing full time.


The global pandemic made things REALLY interesting and am currently freelancing full time. Dream scenario is joining an in-house marketing team and freelancing full time again in about 5-7 years. 

did ya know?

I can lick my elbow.

I have the Big Dipper in freckles on my arm.

I'm a first generation American.

McDonald's fries are my favorite food EVER.

"Oh, am I talkin' too loud? Sometimes I get over excited, shoot off at the mouth!"